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Soldiars are born to die,
Their mothers for cry,
Their enemys for the same,
Its the killing game.
He was a soldier and he went to the war,
Maybe he will never see the stars,
Again with his family,
Witch he leaves in the homecountry.
One night his time has come,
He takes his granat and his gun,
It starts his real first fight,
Gunfire throught the whole night.
He shoot down 6 men, until a bulett hit his leg,
The second crashs near his head.
He falls down to the bottom,
The enemys come, noone can stop them.
His leg burns like fire,
But his soul is getting higher,
Suddenly his eyes are open and he sees the burning roof,
Now he knows th truth.
In his last minutes he dammed the war,
Pray to his family so far,
Away from the place where he dies,
Right in this moment his wife cries.
Back in the USA but not alive,
He meets a last time his wife,
She wips away her bitter tears,
All statement of the president is "Cheers".

- 9.11.06
24.11.07 11:14

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